Halden Zimmermann Discusses Impact of Personal Writing Influences

Whether they consciously realize it or not, every writer’s work includes evidence of the influence of a wide variety of authors. Halden Zimmermann, the author of several books that include a popular instructional text on high-impact blogging as well as a coloring book of scenic travel destinations, has often discussed the power of his personal writing […]

The Importance of Document Review in Real Estate

Anyone who has ever gone through the process of buying a home, whether as a real estate professional, a seller or a buyer, realizes that there is a mountain of paperwork that requires signatures from all parties. In the interest of clarity, most professionals take the time to explain to the client the information that […]

Parviz Khosrowyar Got Lucky With His Real Estate Purchase

A story of a man who recently bought a home in Los Angeles just got more interesting. Parviz Khosrowyar says he had bought the real estate not but only 3 months ago and has noticed something very peculiar. According to a recent posting that says to have seen a man who looks just like Parviz Khosrowyar, it turns […]